Hunting accessories

Recovain is the most comfortable and functional hunting pods which breaks with the pre-established concepts of the current hunting pods. Article of global innovation, without equal on the market, it is characterized byusing a new technic more reliable and secure that allows the user to pick up the pods fired in an easy way.

Recovain not hinder sporting activity, it consists of a bracket that attaches to the weapon and an articulated tank that attaches to the support. As an added value Recovain prevents loss of time in the search of the pods to maintain the environment clean.

Taking care of the environment

Casquillos oxidados

From #Recovain, thanks for your support.

How do we take care of the environment?

If something has characterized the hunters, is their commitment with the environment and the responsibility more than demonstrated in their behaviour. The trade union had been and it is fundamental for the natural equilibrium of the ecosystem. For that, #Recovain will always support to the extent possible so that the activity of major and minor hunt is not harmed and we want to help to finish with this images in a few advertising campaigns.


How it works?

A little more than a year ago, Recovain began its journey by editing this amateur video of real hunting, where you can appreciate the good operation of the product. Today Recovain is already present in more than 130 Armories throughout Spain and has even crossed borders being acquired by many friends in Portugal. All thanks to you and to word of mouth, because our best guarantee is your experience. Order it in your usual armory.

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